Slow Down.


Are you creating space


for what matters most?


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Life can be frantic.

Through daily rituals and routines you can feel in control again.

Are you someone who feels stressed out, tired, anxious and overwhelmed on a daily basis, yet work and life require you to be grounded, focused and creative in the intense pressure of life?  Do you wake up during the night with your mind feeling like an electrical storm?


 I recognise these signs because I work with people like you everyday.   By combining simple tools and mindset techniques with daily rituals, tools and processes, I create a very safe space that allows me to teach you how to de-stress, calm the body and quieten the mind, allowing you to feel calm and in control again and helping you to  increase productivity,  focus moment to moment on the task in hand, manage distractions and enable you to live a more present and content life. 



Emma is a wellness and lifestyle coach, retreat facilitator,  speaker and experienced Pilates instructor.

She is dedicated to helping her clients create a meaningful and intentional life by first establishing a strong foundation of routines and rituals; releasing the stress and pressure of daily life to feel more in control and calmer enabling them to be more present and effective. 


Emma believes that by implementing these tools alongside body movement routines, we can all experience less stress, feel more energised and shift the busy internal dialogue to create a sense of strength and calm that enables us to navigate life more effectively.


Hi, I'm Emma Willox

Although today I am a Wellness and Lifestyle coach helping my clients create routines and rituals for optimum health and well-being, it was a near death experience with my own health diagnosis that became the catalyst for my work. 


Behind the facade of beautiful Insta posts and highlight reels, there’s always  more to a person's life story... This is mine ... 


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